Investment Management

Your investments will be tailored to meet your specific individual financial objectives and risk tolerance. I focus on long-term strategic opportunities with over-all broad diversification. Diversification of your portfolio is important as it offsets risks from different asset classes while still providing a meaningful return.

I constantly analyze individual sectors and securities in the market. I never try to “time the market” by frequently buying and selling the same security. I build investments in those opportunities that offer the best yield while managing the risk. At the same time, I divest those assets that become less attractive. The intent is not to time movements in the market; it is simply to adjust to changing opportunities and risks in the world.

I keep in mind that excessive transaction costs are a drag on investment returns.

I do not invest in leveraged vehicles, fads, hedge funds, or over-active mutual funds.

I comply with the Investment Policy Statement that we agree to that outlines asset allocations.

All of your specific portfolio information, such as asset allocation and individual securities, would be readily available and easily viewed by you online.

Traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, are an important part of any portfolio. However, there are many other ways to reduce risk while still achieving an optimal return.

Equity investments should include allocations to opportunities outside of the US, where long-term economic and profit growth will likely be rewarding.

Fixed income investments can include opportunities outside of the traditional bond funds, for example: high yield funds, inflation protected funds, and floating-rate bond funds where the yields will go up should interest rates sharply increase.

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