Our Process

Key steps in our financial planning process include:

Review your financial picture

We will review your financial and legal documents, your personal and family profiles, and discuss your future goals. We will then develop a financial plan that best fits your style and achieves your goals.

Design your investment plan

We will put together an investment plan tailored specifically to meet your individual financial objectives and risk tolerance. Investments are not one-size-fits-all. We will match your investment objectives with the appropriate level of risk. Also, we will periodically review your investment plan and make changes as needed.

Transition your current investments

We will review your current portfolio item by item. Special care will be taken in mitigating the riskiest assets and then aligning the portfolio as we agreed.

Monitoring your investments and financial plans

We will stay in touch with each other. We will have periodic discussions to review your overall financial picture as well as explore any changes needed to your goals or investments.

Deliver Reports to you

You will receive monthly and quarterly financial statements from Fidelity Investments as well as an annual report and annual tax summary. Quarterly performance reports will be available to you comparing the performance of your investments against appropriate benchmarks.

Complimentary Review